Vocal offerings like this are dangerous and uncommon, with the successful ones being most rare.
C. Michael Bailey – All About Jazz

What makes this album so appealing is its pure honesty.
Augusto and Emilia have thrown caution to the wind and crossed every boundary to create something beautiful and truly unique.

Jan Veldman – Jazz In Europe

A work on standards in search of freedom.
Vancini and Pirodda exploit mutual trust and all the dynamics of the dialogue between voice and piano.

Fabio Ciminiera – Radiostart.it: “Jazz – A record a day”

Emilia’s own interpretation of the lyrics, and the feeling they create, adds a sorrowful twist on the regular upbeat swing format that is so often given to this song.
Andrew Read – Jazz In Europe

Touches of the Italian love affair with beauty can be heard in the voice of Emilia Vancini.
Living in different countries has provided her with a wide range of musical influences which result in a fresh new sound, surprising yet so reassuring.
Emilia’s voice is to the ear what Italian cooking is to the palate: refined yet direct, controlled but exhuberant
Like Italian cuisine, it leaves you wanting more.
Joost van Kasteren